Lovely to meet you!


At Second Floor, we share your wild sense of style. After all, if you truly look like the unique and amazing person you are, you will never be out of fashion.


 So we offer a treasure collection of hand-picked pre-loved items for all you colourful, playful, sporty or classy vintage lovers out there. Browse our online collection of first-class vintage, or stop by in person in our store located in Eindhoven.


With 35 years of vintage experience, we have recently created our very own label of small batch designs. Some one-of-a-kind fashion pieces from the 60s or 70s are hard to come by today, and when you do find them, they don’t always fit our modern bodies. Closely following the original designs, we have re-created and re-released those special items, so they can once again become the favourites of generations to come. Can you think of a better way to mix the old with the new?

We know there is nothing basic about you, and we salute you! That’s why we bring you (re-made) vintage to love for a reason, for a season and for a lifetime.